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New Organic
Pesticide Wipeout

"Lynn's farm is amazing. Acres of fresh vegetables, ALL organic and perfect for eating right out of the ground. I highly recommend him and his organic growing products."

Gabriel Quave, Owner at:
Your Net Result, LLC
and new father

Thanks Lynn,
"For saving my iris!!!
I have a stand of Blue Flagg and it was getting decimated by grasshoppers.
One treatment with
Mr. Citurs products and I have been grasshopper-free for a least a month."

Thanks again,
Calvin Martin MD
Native plant enthusiast, physician
Welcome To Our Farm

We are a small organic, sustainable farming operation started in 1989 and located in the rural community of Arcadia, Florida.

The 17 acre farm has a large garden of mixed vegetables with three acres of citrus grove. The production area rotates crops from year to year. Sometimes black eyed peas, then green bush beans with other southern row crops are grown during the planting season.

We hope that we can help you grow the finest organic plants with our line of organic pesticides and plant foods. These quality products are approved by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI). Committed to the green earth, we feel that you will be very happy with our line of products and other helpful information that we will bring to you. With products that we personally use it makes sense to us that we can help you grow.

We are also growing Organic Herbs in 4"x4" containers that can be shipped to any part of the country within 3 days. These herbs are of the highest quality and much more vigorous and healthy than those you may be accustomed to seeing.

In our nursery building we grow commercial grower's trays, from 38 cell trays to 200 cell trays. The 8,000 sq.ft. Buildings are the home to all our herbs also.

Whether you are a back- yard organic farmer or have a large organic commercial operation we can be a help to you. We have the best prices for our products and everything we do says "Quality."

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope that you will come back often to see what's going on at the farm in our organic world in Arcadia. 
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